Through the Years

The first Catholic services recorded in Brownsville were held in homes of the early settlers of the Village and conducted by clergy passing through the area.  In 1859, the Church was built and named St. Patrick's.  In the years, 1871-1872, a new and larger church was erected, constructed of red brick at a cost of $15,000.  The "grand bell" (purchased for $300) sang throughout the valley calling 750 members to Mass every Sunday. On February 23, 1929 a fire consumed the Church when the furnace exploded.  Only four walls were left standing.  Restoration began immediately.

In 1954, a new red brick rectory was constructed, at a cost of $34,000, which was paid for in three years.  

In 1982, a new roof was installed, interior walls repainted, and floors refinished.  In 1999, Breza Hall was added.  

In 2004, St. Patrick's was linked to St. Mary's in Caledonia, MN as part of a diocesan clustering plan.  The churches had separate pastoral councils and offices but shared a Pastor.   

In the Fall of 2006, the Church interior was refurbished.  On August 19, 2007, over 15 inches of rain fell causing the Hall roof to cave in -- the Hall was reconstructed and dedicated by Bishop Bernard Harrington on May 1, 2008.

Parishioners continue the stewardship of maintaining this beautiful historic structure, so that all can come in prayer and worship.